Friday, December 6, 2013

‘Tis the Season

Hello there! So, you may be expecting a holiday post considering the title.  Well, no.  ‘Tis the season of being busy, busy, busy and {like many of you, I’m sure} that is what I have been.  Since I last posted at the end of October {yikes! sorry}, I have completed 2 mantles, 2 built-in bookcases, a piano and bench, king bed, large dresser, piano book stand, plant stand, bookshelf, chest of drawers, vanity with stool, queen bed, toy box AND 6 bathroom vanities.  Shew…not to mention an episode of shingles {the viral infection, not roofing}, Halloween with a sweet little owl and mouse, Thanksgiving travels, and my husband started a new job.  Man, oh, man, God is good, huh?  I couldn’t be more grateful!  OK…maybe I would be a hair more grateful if I had just a little extra time to show you all of the beautiful things I’ve been working on!  While I haven’t had much time for staging, I do have at least a few pics to share {and promises of more to come} but do excuse the quality. 

mantle collag