Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chippy Striped Chest

Hi readers!  I’m super excited to show you the before and after of this chest.  I think it’s no secret that I’m a type-A girl who likes to have a plan before starting something new {or at least know which direction I’m heading}.  Some of my favorite projects have been those where I allowed the creativity to flow and let things evolve naturally {and it feels pretty darn good, so try it}.  This piece is the perfect example!
Striped Collage
I knew that I wanted to use milk paint and that was the extent of my plan.  Now, if you haven’t used milk paint before then #1-do it and #2-know that it is different from any other paint you’ve used and it will do its own thing {and that’s the beauty of it}.  If I want to achieve a chippy look then I use milk paint;  If I simply want the piece to look distressed then I use latex or chalk paint.

This is chippy…

striped 6  
This is distressed…

after 3
You can control distressing but you have very little control over chipping.  Now, I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint’s Snow White.  Milk paint comes in a powder form and is packaged in these small brown bags.  At the local retailer in Nashville, it runs about $14 for enough to make a pint.

striped milk paint
It will include instructions for mixing but the ratio is 1:1 {powder:water}.  After it’s mixed, it will be thin, runny and smell weird.  Here’s a look:

striped mix
I applied 3 coats of milk paint to this chest for a fuller coverage.  You will notice as the paint dries, it will begin to crackle, flake and chip.  Usually it will do this before you even apply another coat and that’s OK.  Just paint right over it until you have the preferred number of layers {resist the urge to flake it off..seriously, it’s tempting but don’}.  After the piece is dry, run a spackling knife {or sandpaper} over the flaky areas and work over the entire piece.  Now, if you are going to freak out, it will likely be during this step.  Again, you can’t control milk paint…think of it as a stubborn Taurus {like me} who wants to do its own thing.  Go with it.  It will turn out natural and imperfect.  When you have things looking the way you want it, seal with 2 coats of paste wax or spray on a non-yellowing topcoat in a matte finish.  {If you are applying any other detailing, like these stripes, then hold off on waxing until you have finished.}

Even with all its chippy goodness, this piece just didn’t seem complete.  I decided to tape off a few stripes on the drawers/top and painted them a pale gray {ASCP Paris Grey + ASCP Old White}.  Hint: remove the tape before the stripes have dried completely for a crisp look.  I then sanded over the stripes to blend and distress them.

striped 7
After distressing, I sealed the piece with 2 coats of paste wax and added striped burlap for the handles.  Pale neutrals, stripes, chippiness and burlap…just a few of my favorite things!

striped 4

striped 5

striped 8

striped 1


  1. Is that burlap ribbon painted with stripes? Awesome! :)

  2. Just loverly! The stripes really make it. I'm playing with milk paint too...and chalk paint of course :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I've never played with milk paint before, but I seriously think I should. Love the burlap handles!

  4. It is a stunning piece - great job! Pinnng!
    Nice to meet you my furniture sister! I would love if you linked it up to my party happening now!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

    1. Done! Thanks for hosting the party.

  5. What a great look! That would go in my home - perfect.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Following by email.

  6. I'm seriously drooling over this. I Need Milk Paint. Now.

  7. This is such a gorgeous makeover!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at Project INspired! Hope you can swing by the party tonite - up now!

  8. Oh wow, love the soft look and the subtle stripes! And those pulls are awesome!

  9. I'm here from Elizabeth and Co. This is amazing. I love what you did with it! Gonna be your newest follower now :)

  10. Megan Pearson8/31/2013

    I love this! Love the ribbon used as handles and the color that you made with the Annie Sloan! SO creative. I wish I had talent like this!

  11. This piece is gorgeous. I adore the stripes!