Friday, May 3, 2013

Big Boy Blue

One of my friends is expecting her second little one next month.  I’m currently working on the crib for the nursery but it’s not the only room receiving some new treatments.  She sent over this cabinet that she found at the flea market to refinish for her son’s big boy room.

blue cabinet
I love the color scheme.  We used Sherwin Williams Rainstorm on the entire piece with accents of Benjamin Moore’s Lemongrass followed by medium distressing.
 EL cab 2
EL cab
EL cab 4
I love pieces like this that are playful and fun but not too “kidsy.”  I’ll be featuring her home on the blog soon and can’t wait to show you her amazing taste and how this piece looks in M’s big boy room.

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  1. Oh, I've just finished doing 3 pieces of furniture in chalk paint. I watched your tutorial and it was such a help. I am very pleased with the finished results.

    I know this piece is lovely in Baby Boy's room.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Great color combination, Cindy! Perfect for a " big boy" room...can't wait to see your friend's home.

    June :)