Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chevron Desk

I have been suffering from some major mom guilt lately.  You see, my sweet little Sophie is a coloring, drawing, writing, cutting, gluing machine.  She mainly sets up shop at the kitchen table which she is perfectly content with, that is, until her baby sister reaches up and swipes her masterpiece.  As you can imagine, this causes a meltdown and we immediately go into Operation Recovery, chasing our happy piggy-tail and glasses-wearing Ellie throughout the house until the artwork has been returned {and hopefully only minimal damage has occurred}.  All this to say that Sophie needs a desk in her room so she can have her own space to create without fear of those little hands snatching her stuff.  We found the perfect desk a few weeks ago but I’ve been so busy with custom and inventory pieces that it has just been sitting, waiting…and so has Sophie {very patiently with her chosen colors in hand, I might add}.  Finally, I put those pieces on the backburner and we finished the desk!

Isn’t it precious?  Here is the before…

Sophie chose Sherwin Williams Turquish for the desk and I added a quick chevron pattern with some white I had on hand.  The chair has a base coat of SW Turquish topped with a bright pink that we already had. 

Her favorite part {besides having her own space} is the chalkboard inside.

Ahhh…it feels so good to get rid of the mom guilt and see an overjoyed little artist at work!

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  1. Cindy...that is the sweetest artists desk and chair I've ever seen!! You did a great job on the desk and taking control of the situation!! I was the "baby" sister and I know how much I aggravated my sister!

    June :)

  2. That desk is darling and I love it with the pink chair!

  3. Delicious! Where did you find the desk? I love it. The colors are like candy...love the chalkboard and the cubbies, love the pink chair, love the butterfly...she must be in heaven, secure with her own little art desk. Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com

    1. Thanks Lynaea! We actually found the desk and chair on Craigslist for $25. Super deal!

  4. everything about this is so cute! I love the rustic chevron idea and the color and the pink chair. Nice job for your little one!