Sunday, November 4, 2012

French Provincial Chest

Well, I have had a very productive weekend…how about you?  Hope so.  So, remember the turquoise farmhouse side table from a few months ago?  Well, that gorgeous set {that I sent my husband on a wild goose chase into the country to pickup} came with several pieces.  One of my favorites was this French Provincial chest.


{I said favorite but then I just thought that choosing my favorite piece sometimes feels like choosing a favorite child…is that weird?}  So, here is what the piece actually looked like when that sweet hubby of mine brought it home.

chestbfore  chestbefore2

I know you are thinking “It is beautiful!  Why on earth did she bother painting it?”.  The problem is you can’t see just how dirty and dingy and speckled it was.  Yes, speckled…gold speckled to be exact!  So, I have been squirreling this piece away just waiting for the right color inspiration to hit this tired brain of mine.  I love the two-tone effect of the original finish but I’m a little bored of white and gray and I really wanted to stay neutral so that someone would scoop her up before I decided to keep her {and I definitely can’t since I returned from the shop with a new sofa the other day…I have a problem, I know}.  So, finally I just gave in and painted her Old White.  Some may think boring but sometimes I think less is more.  The piece was sealed with clear wax and lightly distressed.
I couldn’t get a great shot of the distressing but it looks really great in person because some of the original finish shows through.

chest closef

The previous owner had placed contact paper in the drawers {gold speckled, of course} which I removed to find the drawers are in mint condition.  I just love luck like that!


  1. oh i know just the speckled look you are referring to!!! it looks so pretty now! :)

  2. was this one or two coats of paint?! thanks!