Sunday, May 6, 2012

Versatile Chest

I've mentioned before how much I love versatile pieces and this chest is a great example. 
ASCP Paris Grey/Old White, medium distressing, clear wax
I love early depression pieces with original casters {chippy veneer and all}.  With such beautiful details even the before picture is lovely.

The finish of this early depression era chest is a custom mix of ASCP Paris Grey and Old White with medium distressing and sealed with clear wax.  I also highlighted the beautiful detailing with Old White.  While the original hardware was beautiful, I decided to replace it with these glass knobs that blend with the finish nicely. 

And, of course, lined drawers.  {tutorial coming soon}

I think this piece would make a fantastic TV cabinet but have staged it as a buffet and changing table/dresser.


By the way, did you know there are two spellings for the color gray?  {bet you didn't expect a spelling lesson, huh?}  Typically, you will find that Americans use the spelling gray while Europeans prefer grey.  You will see it spelled both ways on this blog.  Why you ask?  I always use the spelling gray except when referring to the specific Annie Sloan paint color, Paris Grey.  {Annie is British and therefore uses the European spelling.}

{This piece is currently available.}  
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  1. beautiful cindy! i love the knobs you chose- so pretty!

  2. I love the rustic and shabby feel with the chest of drawers. I have been painting everything I can get my hands on white lately. Still not done, but such a joy to make something have a new look. Thanks for sharing

  3. This is just so pretty. I love the mix of white and grey (with a "e" you see ;) I love depression era dressers too.

  4. I love it! The drawer liner is amazing and so unexpected.